The Company

Established '64

RVS Industries started out manufacturing proprietary cleaning products in Brunswick, Victoria in 1964.

In 1969 the company branched out into environmental engineering and construction consultancy working closely with the EPA delivering dust collection systems to the ferrous and non ferrous metals industries and world leading fine metals recycling plant and chemical scrubbers throughout Australia.

Since 1969 the company has delivered over 1000 projects over wide ranging industries..

Over the last 20 years RVS Industries has been the principle engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the relocation and consolidation of Australian blue chip manufacting facilities including the delivery of new manufacuring facilities.

Speaking Events

'Cordell Regional Service Stations©'

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Economic Engine™

Fully Integrated Farming Services and Energy Production (Farmergy©)


Unlimited energy, unlimited water, unlimited food, climate remediating.

This B1M youtube video although impressive shows us one of the worlds most energy intensive and thus polluting industries, but this technological advancement is important. Scrape the surface and there is an emerging market which is being bought to construction using engineering advancements made at the end of 2018.

With the invention of a primary buffer by globally recognised world leading energy systems designer Robert Mierisch and the subsequent invention of the Economic Engine™, the international farming and energy industries can now merge to become one industry, the Farmergy© industry. This will result in the global uptake of the systematic integrated economic merger and expansion of the global food and energy industries.

The farming services and energy industries have matured to become one industry

If you want electricity and gas you have to build the farming services. If you want water and food you have to build the electricity and gas services.

Conservatives like David Attenborough are telling us that climate change is real

Are water your reserves receding? Is the weather getting hotter? Is the carbon dioxide building? Is your ocean getting hot? Are the sea levels rising? Are large waves eroding your coast? Are your floods increasing? Is UV burning your nations crops? Is your sea life dying? Is your river life dying? Are your insects dying? Are your forrests dying? Are your forrests fires increasing? Do your power stations need replacing? Are your fuel reserves running out? Are your fuel imports high? Is your natural habitat being cleared for farming? Is your nation facing food shortages? And then there is Thwaites Glacier (refer NASA) will your country be under water?

Global Environmental Remediation for 250 years of Industrial Revolution

Then it is time for your nation to build Farmergy Stations© (Economic Engines™). Global climate remediating systems for guaranteed water, guaranteed food and guaranteed energy.

Global Programmes

Projects budgets up to and more than $400B over 10 to 20 years.


Presentation Venues

RVS industries are planning to present a series of seminars to professional organisations on the subjects on the emergence of Economic Engines™ and Farmergy© and Cordell Regional Service Stations©


Opening Up Inland Australia to Development


National 50 Year Fuel Reserves


Climate Friendly Global Resource Usage & Increased Returns


Natural Energy Systems & Primary Buffers


Practical Remediation of the Global Ecosystem